Cooking with a Chilli Penguin Stove


The Hungry Penguin, the Fat Penguin and the High & Mighty all have a small oven box at the top of the stove, dimensions below. The Penguin 88 has a bigger oven box, on top.The oven temperature is variable as it depends on how much, which fuel and how long the stove has been lit for. The top surfaces of all the stoves including the Chilli Billie can all be used as a cooking surface and to boil a kettle. 


It is not the same as conventional cooking, you may find it takes you a little while to be confident using it, it is less controllable than a conventional oven and boiling a kettle is much slower than using a plug in one...but if your stove is on anyway....give it a go...the stove wants you to.


                     Oven box temp and internal oven box dimensions                

The Hungry, Fat and High & Mighty

temp       140 degrees C -  250 degrees C (*guidance only-see below)

height      100mm

width        250mm

depth       220mm

 *dependant on type of fuel/amount of fuel/length of time the stove has been lit  

                         We recommend the use of a stove thermometer



Maintenance of the oven box
We recommend regularly cleaning the ash from on top of the oven box, via the removable disc on the hot plate

We are always pleased to hear how you get on and if you have any favourite recipes. We are delighted to be able to offer a collection of recipes developed by Frances Phasey on her Hungry Penguin stove which she uses regularly on board her canal boat the Doris Katia


from the Galley of Doris Katia

see the recipe page for details


Savoury and Sumptious                                      Sweet and Sensational

Chilli Boat Beans and Sausages                               Moor-up Marmalade cake

Beef and bacon lasagne                                          Chocolate Brownies

Mushroom, pepper and oregano lasagne (v)             Flapjack-a-float

Spicy lamb with lentil rice

Spicy veg with lentil rice (v)

Tarragon Chicken

Duck in plum sauce

Potato, leek and cheese slices (v)

Garlic new potatoes (v)

Potato chunks (v)




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