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On this page we have tried to answer some of our frequently asked questions. We have covered a wide range of topics, so please scroll down the whole page to view all of the questions. Should you find that your question is not answered please call or email us and we'll be happy to help!

Stoves, Flues and Maintenance

- What size stove do I need? 
As a rough guide, 1kW of heat will be sufficient for 14 cubic metres.

For example:

A room size of 4.5m x 5m x 2.2m = 49.5 cubic metres.

Divide 49.5 by 14 = 3.5kW

Therefore for this example room, assuming there is no other form of heating and it is relatively draught free and well insulated, you would require approx 3.5kW of heat to warm the space. 

- Do I need a chimney? 
You do require a flue for the removal of smoke and combustion gases. If you have an existing chimney this must be checked for soundness and must be swept. This should be carried out by an Hetas approved installer. If your chimney is in poor condition or there is any doubt about its soundness it should be lined with a class 1 solid fuel liner. If you do not have a chimney, a twin wall insulated stainless steel flue system can be installed. *All installations must comply with the latest Building Regulations.

- What about chimney sweeping? 
Your chimney must be swept at least once a year by a qualified chimney sweep. The approved list is available from HETAS or NACS.  IDEALLY provision for sweeping should be made either with an access panel in your register plate or an access door in the connecting stove pipe. This provision is ALWAYS necessary if the flue diameter is greater than 6" (150mm).

However if the flue diameter is 6 inches or less it is possible to sweep through all our stoves (with the exception of the chilli billie) if the correct sweeping rods are used. Normal rods can be used the Short Penguin, Woody and Penguin 8. The oven models; the Hungry, the Fat and the High and Mighty require super flexible rods such as the viper. Great care must always be taken when sweeping a flexible liner to avoid damage to the liner


- Why do I need a sweeping access panel with a flue diameter of over 6 inches (150mm)?

If your flue has a substantially greater diameter than your stove pipe the diameter of brushes that will fit through your stove pipe will not be sufficient to reach the sides of your flue and clear it of deposits.


- What size is the flue collar on Chilli Penguin Stoves?
The flue collar diameter is 5 inches(125mm). The flue size required is 6 inches (150mm). An adaptor piece is required to take the system from 5 to 6 inches. The 6 inch flue is ideal for closed appliances, however it is possible to use a 5 inch flue if you fit the DEFRA kit.


- Can any of the Chilli Penguin stoves be rear flued?

There is rear flue box available for the Short Penguin, the Woody and the Penguin 8. The Hungry, Fat and High and Mighty Penguins have a removable back plate which allows them to be rear flued if required.


- Are there any regular maintenance jobs?

Check rope seals are not frayed or coming away, door glass is not cracked or loose, check fire bricks are not cracked or deteriorated, throat plate does not have a build up of ash on top of it and (for the oven models) remove ash from the top of the oven box.


- How can I clean the surface of the stove?

To clean the painted surface, when cool use a soft brush or lint free cloth. Do not use wet methods. You can overpaint most marks and long term wear. See stove colours.


- The glass in my stove door is going black, what's happening?
The "Air Wash" vents above the door are very effective at keeping the door glass clear. During the burn cycle you will be aware of areas of discolouration, this will usually burn off with heat. This is usually observable when the stove is being lit from cold. If fuel is touching the glass you will get localised discolouring, this will burn off as the stove get hotter.

If it doesn't burn off, you can clean it with a mixture of paste made from wood ash and water, if it is more stubborn, wire wool can be used. You should expect to wipe the glass, when cold, every couple of weeks which will remove the very fine sepia film that will build up. However, if you find you are getting blackening you may not be using the air controls correctly or your fuel may have too much moisture in it.

Fuels and Clean Burning

- Which fuels can I burn? 
Chilli Penguin Stoves are approved for burning seasoned wood and smokeless fuels for closed appliances from the HETAS approved list such as the Maxibrite fuels which continues to be mined and produced in Wales eg. maxibrite, coalite ovals, supacite, extracite. Ask at your local coal merchant, for stockists of Maxibrite contact Maxibrite. For local suppliers of seasoned wood contact Logpile. There are a number of companies offering kiln dried wood such as Yorkshire Firewood


- Can I burn house coal?

No, under no circumstances burn house coal on a closed appliance such as a stove. It is not possible in a closed appliance to get enough oxygen for complete combustion. This can result in a build up of volatile gases in the stove and chimney. These are potentially explosive.


- What is 'seasoned wood'? 
Seasoned wood refers to wood with a maximum moisture content of 20%. This is achieved by storing it for between 12 - 18 months once cut, prior to burning. This will vary from species to species. If the wood is not seasoned you will be creating a lot of smoke and steam with very inefficient combustion.


- What does "Clean Burn" mean? 
This is the ability of a stove to burn off volatile gases given off by the fuel which would otherwise go up the flue and into the atmosphere. This is usually achieved by introducing additional pre-heated air at the top of the combustion chamber. This function gives maximum efficiency and heat output from the fuel, together with having less detrimental impact on the environment. 

Installation & Guarantees

- Who can install my stove?
In order to certify your stove installation you must use either a HETAS approved installation engineer or you will need to contact your local Building Control department.  They will come out and inspect the installation. There will be a charge for this service.
The installation must conform to the 'Building Regulations' 2000 approved Document J.


- Is my Chilli Penguin stove guaranteed?

All the Chilli penguin stove range is guaranteed for 7 years with the exception of the Chilli Billie which is guaranteed for 1 year. This applies if they are bought from an approved supplier and you register your stove after purchase. See the guarantee page for full details.


- Has the chilli penguin stove been independently tested?
Yes. It has been tested to the current European standard EN13240.

Spare Parts, Ordering and Delivery

- Where is my order?

Once you’ve have ordered through your stockist, we will receive the order and put it into our production board. Please understand that all our items are made to order and the leave time can vary between 2 – 6 weeks depending on the time of year. Please look at our ordering and delivery page for more information. 


- How can I place an order for a stove/spare part/accessory? 

We have a network of stockists across the UK who you will be able to place an order with, as we do not directly take orders ourselves. To find your nearest stockist use our Store Finder. If you find that you do not have a nearby stockist, please do not hesitate to contact us to sort out your order. 


- The firebricks/glass/throat plate/rope seal on my stove has broken. How do I order a spare part?

We recommend obtaining new parts for your stove as soon as they break to save further damage to your stove. Please look at our Servicing and Repairs page to identify the part and find out its product code. Contact your stockist or us directly to order a new part.


- My firebricks are cracking/crumbling/discoloured. Is this normal?

Firebricks are a service item and it is normal for them to be replaced several times during a stove’s lifetime. To find out more information about firebricks and tips on how to make your firebricks last longer, click here.

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