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From February 2010 there has been a new Code of Practice for the installation of solid fuel heating in canal boats (BS8511:2010). There are strict guidelines on the type of flues and chimneys to be used as well as distance to combustibles and heat shields. Our flue systems and heat shields meet all these new requirements.

We supply twin-walled insulated deck collars and chimneys to meet the new regulations.


  • Chimneys are stainless steel inner and outer skin and powder coated. 
  • Deck collars are heavy duty mild steel, galvanised then powder coated.
  • Bends are available as an extra if your flue cannot go straight through the roof
  • All our flues and chimneys have a 5" internal diameter.
  • Insulated stove pipe systems include and adjustable length section.


Single Walled Flue System

Single wall vitreous enamel pipe from the stove to the underside of the deck collar.


With this option you may need to make provision for heat shields to protect internal panelling close to the stove pipe.


  • choice of straight or angled deck collar
  • ceiling trim
  • high temperature silicone
  • fixing bolts


straight flue system £531 (incl VAT)

system with two additional bends £591 (incl VAT)

ordering and delivery

Twin Wall Flue System


Twin-walled flue from the top of the stove through the deck collar to the chimney.



  • choice of straight or angled deck collar
  • ceiling trim
  • high temperature silicone
  • fixing bolts

 system with two additional bends



straight flue system  £639 (incl VAT)

flue system with 2 additional bends £793 (incl VAT)

ordering and delivery

Safety information

It is imperative that installation and maintenance guidelines are followed for all appliances. Apart from the obvious fire hazards there is a risk of carbon monoxide poisoning (as there is with diesel and gas).

Always fit smoke and carbon monoxide alarms

Canal Boat Stoves

The Hungry Penguin is ideal for use in a canal boat. It has a 5kW output, integrated oven and optional stainless steel boiler. It is multi fuel, runs on seasoned wood and smokeless coal products. We supply complete flue systems for canal boats.




The Short Penguin is also a very popular with canal boat users. It is a simply styled really robost and efficient little stove for those who do not need the oven facility of the Standard Penguin

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