Log Storage


We have designed and developed a range of wood storage products, more contemporary than a traditional log basket and posher than a wheel barrow.

Log Trolley



This log trolley allows you to gather logs from your main store outside and keep them inside in a convenient location without straining your back.

Also available in Almond White



Width: 400mm

Depth: 350mm



£201.60 (incl VAT)

ordering and delivery

Log Store




Make a feature with this contemporary indoor store


Height: 750mm

Width:  400mm

Depth: 320mm




£149 (incl VAT)

ordering and delivery

Log Column

The Log Column is available in two sizes

Log Column  (short) height: 1200mm                                

                              width:  245mm  

                              depth:  280mm

RRP £192 (incl VAT)

ordering and delivery


Log Column  (tall )   height:  2200mm                                

                              width:   245mm   

                              depth: 280mm

The log column (tall) is delivered in two parts.

RRP £330 (incl vat)

ordering and delivery


Both of these items must be firmly fixed to the wall. 

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