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Here on this page you can find products that will complement your stove, from boilers to plinths to heat shields.


If you cannot find the part you are looking for please try the servicing and repairs page. If you are still unable to locate the product you need please contact us and we will be happy to assist. 

Stove Plinth


Our plinths are used to give the stoves additional height as well as providing extra log storage underneath. They can be colour matched to your stove. Plinths are available for all of our stoves except for the Chilli Billie. Please see below for prices. 

Plinth Model Price (inc VAT)
Short Penguin/Hungry Penguin £174
Woody £186
Penguin 8 £198



Trivets , Stainless Steel


2 sizes available

small (approx 12 cmx12 cm x12cm)

large (approx 15cm x 15cm x15cm)


small penguin trivet  £14 (incl vat)

large penguin trivet   £22.80 (incl vat)

Stainless Steel Top Plate


This plate sits on the top surface of the stove. If you regularly use the top surface for boiling a kettle or for cooking it can become scratched and require touching up. This provides a very practical and attractive alternative. There is an image on the 88 page of the top in use. (Pictured is the 88 top plate, hence the holes on the side                                                                to let the warm air from the convector panels escape). 

                                                        £85-£95 (incl vat)


Rear Vertical Adaptor (RVA)

Designed for a rear exit from the back of the stove, then turning upwards/vertically. This replaces either a "90 degree T and cap" or "90 degree swept bend with soot collector". The letterbox opening that can be seen in the image, attaches to the rear of the stove in place of the rectangular blanking plate.The same bolts are used to attach the rear flue box. The circular blanking plate that can be seen in the image is to blank off the top flue opening.                                                          Not required for the cooker models.


                                                        £118.80 (incl vat)

Rear Horizontal Adaptor (RHA)

Designed for a rear exit from the back of the stove and then continuing horizontally. Building regs only allow flue to go horizontally for a short specified length, discuss this with your HETAS fitter. The circular blanking plate is to blank off the top flue. Not required for the cooker models


                                                     £118.80 (incl vat)

High Temperature Stove Paint, (5 colours plus black)


Supplied in aerosol form, available in all of our colours.This product cannot go via Royal Mail, it has to go on a carrier. Alot of stockists will have it in stock or it can be added to their next order.


£8.50 + (carriage via courier)


Expandable Frames for fireplace openings.


If you are opening up an old fireplace and want to retain the old brick finish you can use these frames to give a clean sharp edge to the opening whilst covering up the edge of the facing plasterwork.

The frames will expand to fit a maximum opening size of :

1120mm wide x 1050mm high


£114 (incl vat)

Stainless Steel Boiler


Short Penguin           £252 (incl vat)

Hungry Penguin         £252 (incl vat)

Fat Penguin              £252 (incl vat)

Penguin 8                 £418.80 (incl vat)


Wall Mounted Heat Shield 


Power-coated steel sheets with brackets to maintain an air gap. In some installations, under specific circumstances, these can be used to reduce distances to combustibles. The standard sizes are listed below.


750x1050mm £174.00 inc VAT

900x1050mm £198.00 inc VAT



Direct Air Access


This is a Direct Air Access kit which can be used in some installations. 

The Penguin Enclosure


The Penguin Enclosure is a heat enclosure for the Chillie Billie. It provides heat shielding at the base, rear and sides. There is also an integral fixed collar for the flue. The design of the enclosure maintains air gaps between the shield and all surrounding surfaces.


Sold Separately: £350 RRP inc VAT

Chillie Billie and Enclosure package: £999 RPP inc VAT



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