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On this page you can find information and prices for spare and replacement parts for your Chilli Penguin Stove. Please contact your local stockist or us directly if you wish to order. 


If you cannot find the part you are looking for please try the other products page first, after that if you are still unable to locate what you need please contact us.


If you are replacing a vermiculite fire brick there is a small video clip avaiable to view to help you with removing the grate. Don't know when to replace your firebricks? Find out on this page.


On our rope seal page we have provided a step-by-step guide on how to replace your rope seals. 


We have included a Part Guide at the top of this page to help you idenify the part you may need, with costing and product codes further down the page.

Part Guide

Stove Glass


This is a replacement piece of glass which can be used if your current stove glass is broken or cracked.

Avaliable for all stoves and stove ovens.

Rope Seal Kit


Our rope seal kit can be used to replace old worn out rope seals. If the seal becomes frayed or damaged, it will need replacing as the rope seal stops fumes entering the room.

To test your seal, place a piece of paper in between the stove body and door, and shut the stove door. If you are able to pull the piece of paper out without resistance, the seal has weakened and needs replacing. We carry stock for all stove doors and oven doors. 

Vermiculite Fire Bricks 


These vermiculite fire bricks line the firebox and protect the stove body from the heat of the fire. They are a service item will need to be replaced over time. For more information, click here.

You can prolong the life of your vermiculite fire bricks by not using oversized logs, only burning seasoned wood and by placing the logs in the firebox by placing rather than throwing or dropping.

Throat Plate (also known as a Baffle Plate)


Forms the roof of the fire chamber. The throat plate is the metal part only and a vermiculite brick should sit inside the runners. The fire brick should face down into the fire chamber. The throat plate will need to be dropped down every so often to remove and soot                                                             and debris that has fallen down the chimney. 

Product Tables

Short Penguin

Product Code Item Price (inc VAT)
SPXFB Short Penguin Set of Firebricks £54
SPXGL Short Penguin Glass (254x254) £30.96
SPXGL12 Short Penguin Pre2012 Glass (221x221) £30.96
SPXRSK Short Penguin Rope Seal Kit £22.80
SPXRSK12 Short Penguin Pre2012 Rope Seal Kit £22.80
SPXTP Short Penguin Throat Plate £33.60


Product Code Item Price (inc VAT)
WDXFB Woody Fire Bricks £54
WDXGL Woody Glass (439 x 255) £64.80
WDXRSK Woody Rope Seal Kit £26.40
WDXTP Woody Throat Plate £43.20

Penguin 8

Product Code Item Price (inc VAT)
P8XGL Penguin 8 Glass (444 x 304) £64.80
P8XRSK Penguin 8 Rope Seal Kit £26.40
P8XTP Penguin 8 Throat Plate £50.40
P8XFB Penguin 8 Fire Bricks £54

Hungry Penguin

Product Code Item Price (inc VAT)
HPXFB Hungry Penguin Fire Bricks £54
HPXGL Hungry Penguin Glass (254x254) £30.96
HPXGLO Hungry Penguin Oven Glass (94x254) £29.40
HPXGL12 Hungry Penguin Pre2012 Glass (221x221) £30.96
HPXRSK Hungry Penguin Rope Seal Kit £26.40
HPXTP Hungry Penguin Throat Plate £33.60

Fat Penguin

Product Code Item Price (inc VAT)
FPXFB Fat Penguin Fire Bricks £54
FPXGL Fat Penguin Glass (254x254) £27.36
FPXRSK Fat Penguin Rope Seal Kit £26.40
FPXTP Fat Penguin Throat Plate £33.60

High & Mighty 

Product Code Item Price (inc VAT)
HMXFB High & Mighty Fire Bricks £54
HMXGL High & Mighty Glass £30.96
HMXTP High & Mighty Throat Plate £33.60
HMXRSK High & Mighty Rope Seal Kit £26.40

Chilli Billie

Product Code Item Price (inc VAT)
CBXFB Chilli Billie Fire Bricks £30
CBXGT Chilli Billie Grate £14.40
CBXRSK Chilli Billie Rope Seal Kit £14.40

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