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Welcome to the Chilli Penguin stove range.

If you click on a picture it will tell you more about each stove.

Please scroll down to see our penguin family tree!

The Short Penguin 5kW           Woody 5kW        Hungry Penguin 5kW     The High & Mighty 5kW

      The little one               The big one with a         The little one with         Head and shoulders

                                                    fire view                         an oven                          above the rest


The Fat Penguin           Chilli Billie  2.5 - 3kW          Penguin 8   8kW                  The "88"  8kW

5kW The fat one          The little one with a         The one with a big        The big boy with a big

    with an oven                     round window                   big fire view                          big oven

The Chubby Penguin 5kW        The Chubes 5kw/10kW

Chubby                                        The Round Ones


This diagram shows the relationship between the stoves ....our penguin family tree. This includes kW ratings and stove names. 

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