The Chilli Billie

"The little stove with a big heart, stof fach gyda chalon fawr", small but mighty, a flaming wood rocket, a tree fuelled engine.


This little stove was developed during 2012 with Puki Pods, the camping pod manufacturer. It has been designed to be used in small spaces like camping pods, yurts, beach huts, shepherds huts, sheds and studios. It has recently been tested and passed for use in homes. It is not currently tested for use in smoke control areas. We have also developed the "penguin enclosure" for the chilli billie. This is a curved, steel, heat shield enclosure. It can be seen in some of the gallery images.


The Chilli Billie is top loading with a round glass window which you can see the fire through. You can boil a kettle on the top surface of the stove. The kW output is between 2.5-3kW. There is an optional detachable side shelf which is useful for putting your kettle or pans on when not boiling. There is a boost disc on the front which can be used for lighting the stove. 


 It is vital that the distances from combustible surfaces to all surfaces of the stove and flue pipe both inside and going through a roof are strictly adhered to (see installation guide page) and smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are fitted. 

Chilli Billie gallery


Height:       500mm

Width:        220mm (footprint)

Depth:        210mm (footprint) 

Flue outlet:  110mm 

Output:       2.5-3kW 


 Available in all the Chilli Penguin colours


Chilli Billie Stove

Chilli Billie with Enclosure



Side Shelf £30

All prices include VAT and are stated at the recommended retail price. 

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Technical Drawing for Chilli Billie 

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