Fat Penguin:Pengwin Tew

"Big, Fat and Beautiful, when something smaller just won't do"


The Fat Penguin has all the features of the Hungry Penguin, it will warm you, feed you and make you a brew but the side convection panels make it wider. The output is still 5kW but this is a bigger, bolder looking penguin. The extra width means a bigger top plate so if you are cooking on it you will have more room. The side convection panels mean that the side surface temperature is cooler as it promotes air flow from beneath the stove convecting heat out at the top. It has the same top oven as the Hungry Penguin, with a glass oven door. 


See below for technical specification and prices, see stove colours for choices available.


                               Fat Penguin Gallery


Fat Penguin Stove £1559
Fat Penguin Boiler £252

All stove prices shown are RRP & include VAT.

All our stoves come with a SMOKE CONTROL kit which can be fitted if required      

ordering and delivery


See stove colours for more details

             Technical specifications for Fat Penguin

Nominal output


Flue collar diameter


Efficiency (wood/coal)


Flue size required



683 mm

Flue size required

with smoke control kit fitted

Min 127mm



Top or rear flue exit



355 mm

Internal oven size

h  100mm

w  250mm

d  220mm

Multi fuel


*Optional boiler (non- pressurised systems)


trivet for oven base


Distances to combustibles (min)

Side    350mm

Rear   350mm

Above 450mm

*smoke control kit  included


Distances to non- combustibles **(min)

Side 100mm

Rear 50mm


Colours available


Hearth type without

Base heat shield


Max log length

270 mm

Hearth type with base heat shield 


Tested to EN13240 & BS3841-2

*Boiler model not tested for use in smoke control areas

** These are minimum distances, be aware that there are other considerations eg. access for sweeping, height of kettle if you plan to use one



           Technical Drawing for Fat Penguin Stove

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