The Chubes

Our new family of flaming fire tubes. Curvy, curvaceous, deliously curvilicious.

this is family of round stoves developed with another welsh stove manufacturer. There is plinth model, the pedestal model and the shorty, all available in 5kW and 10kW.

Chube Gallery



Chilli Chube 5kW Shorty £1499     

Chilli Chube 5kW Shorty with side windows £1699

Chilli Chube 5kW Plinth £1599

Chilli Chube 5kW Plinth with side windows £1799

Chilli Chube 5kW Pedestal £1699

Chilli Chube 5kW Pedestal with side windows £1899


Chilli Chube 10kW Plinth £1899

Chilli Chube 10kW Shorty £1799

Chube Chube 10kW Pedestal £1999


All prices shown are RRP and include VAT

     Technical specifications for 5kW & 10kW Chubes

         Technical Drawing for 5kW & 10kW Chubes

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